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The Last of Us-II banned in the Middle East

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The upcoming adventure game, The Last of US-II is banned in multiple regions of the Middle East i.e. United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. However, the game is all set to launch globally on June 19 but will not get a release in the Middle East. According to the report, the Last of US-II is banned or does not appear among the various other game listings on the PlayStation Store for Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates versions.


According to the latest words from PlayStation Support, released by VG247 said that any game which does not exist in a regional store is banned by the country’s authorities.

The Last of US-II banned, but who mind to check the trailer here:

Meanwhile, the reason behind this ban is not clear but the LGBT characters, LGBT themes and some sexual content might be most likely behind the ban. As the Middle East is more sensitive to this kind of content. Nevertheless, it will bring no harm to the overall purchase of game as players can purchase game cards online from PlayStation Store or from regional stores. Then there are also some 3rd-party retailers as well to import copies of this game on release.  


Source: IGN, PlayStation Store

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